CSR Activity Policy for FY 2024

※within the ISO 26000 Framework

1 Management System and Organizational Governance

In order to carry out sound and transparent corporate activities in compliance with laws and ordinances, etc., we will continuously implement the PDCA cycle of target setting, improvement and periodic reviews based on RC codes and RC ethics.
We will conduct business activities in accordance with the seven principles of corporate social responsibility: accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholder interests, respect for the rule of law, respect for international norms of behavior, and respect for human rights. We will also conduct CSR and RC activities in our overseas operations.

2 Environmental Protection

We will make efforts to save energy and resources, reduce and recycle waste, reduce emissions of harmful substances and greenhouse gases, conserve water resources, and endeavor to reduce our impact on biodiversity and ecosystems with the goal of minimizing the environmental impact of our business activities.

3 Process Safety and Disaster Prevention/BCP

We will prevent major accidents at our facilities and promote safe and stable production. We will establish a business continuity plan (BCP) and drive continuous improvement.

4 Occupational Safety and Health

We will create an accident-free working environment in order to provide a healthy and happy working experience.

5 Logistics Safety and Quality Assurance

We will strive to prevent logistics accidents by minimizing hazards, harm and risks of in-transit accidents associated with the transportation and distribution of our products. We also contribute to customer satisfaction by providing a safe and secure environment in which our customers can use our high-quality products in a stable manner.

6 Chemical and Product Safety

We will increase the confidence and trust that customers and the general public have in us by taking into account possible hazards and harm from chemical substances and products with regard to safety, health and the environment, and we will comply with domestic laws and regulations, international standards, treaties and the like, as well as other regulations that are socially demanded.

7 Social Dialogue, Community Involvement, Fair Operating Practices, and Compliance

We will make efforts to improve the general public’s confidence in us by participating in various environmental protection and safety activities and proactively engaging in dialogue with stakeholders regarding the effects of chemical substances on safety, health and the environment. We will comply with legal requirements to improve transparency.

8 Human Rights and Labor Practices

We will respect human rights and act in recognition of both their importance and their universality. We will act based on the understanding that socially responsible labor practices are indispensable to social justice and peace, respect for the rule of law, and a fair society.