Disclosure Policy

1.Basic Approach

The Company shall disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner and engage in constructive dialogue to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value, in order to enhance management transparency and meet the expectations and trust of stakeholders.

2.Information Disclosure Standards

The Company shall disclose information in a timely manner, with an emphasis on fairness and accuracy, in accordance with the Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other relevant laws and regulations, as well as the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
In addition to the important corporate information mentioned above, the Company shall also proactively disclose information that is believed to be useful for gaining an understanding of the Company.

3.Information Disclosure Methods

Information subject to timely disclosure rules shall be disclosed via TDnet, the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s timely disclosure information transmission system, and also posted on this website.
Information not covered by the timely disclosure rules shall also be disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner by methods such as posting it on this website and announcing it to the media.

4.Forward-Looking Statements

Forward-looking statements such as plans, forecasts, and strategies contained in the Company’s disclosure materials are based on information available at the time of publication as well as certain assumptions that are believed to be reasonable. Actual results may differ due to the influence of various factors.

5.Quiet Period

In order to prevent leaks of financial information and ensure fairness in the disclosure of information, the Company shall observe a quiet period from the day following the settlement date to the announcement date of financial results, during which time the Company shall refrain from responding to inquiries regarding financial results. However, if a significant change in the earnings forecast is expected to occur during this period, such information will be disclosed in accordance with the timely disclosure rules.
Even during this period, the Company shall respond only to inquiries regarding information that has already been made public.


When searching for information about the Company on this website, please refer to the Disclaimer separately posted in addition to this Disclosure Policy.

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