Our Technologies

This page explains the proud chemical technologies that Nippon Soda has developed over time,
with pictures and diagrams.

Solving the future with the circulation of technologies


Main Products・Technology Development Diagram

This diagram summarizes the relationship between the three main businesses and main products that have grown along with Nippon Soda's development.

Main Products・
Technology Development

From 100 year history
and overview of history

Main Products・Technology Development Diagram

Core technologies to generate competitiveness ・Platform technologies to support that

Nippon Soda possesses fundamental technologies to produce and handle the special chemical raw materials, which is developed in soda industry, and to synthesize general organic compounds. Our various businesses are based on the fundamental technologies. And the key feature of our core technologies related to the development of the agrochemicals is that they are also based on these fundamental technologies. The core technologies are the source of our competitiveness in agrochemicals industry.

Core technologies for the development of agrochemicals

Platform technologies for organic synthesis in general

Platform technologies for special chemical raw materials