Nippon Soda
at a Glance

We use the power of chemistry to create and provide a variety of products that meet the needs of society.

The following is an easy-to-understand overview of Nippon Soda, who strives for “Brilliance through Chemistry”.

Nippon Soda
Basic Information

  • Founded 1920

    Our business began with the production of caustic soda and bleaching powder.

  • Number of Employees
    Number of Employees (consolidated)

    Our human resources boast diverse values and strength.

    (As of March 31,2024)
  • Consolidated Net Sales
    (by Segment)

    Chemical Materials and Agri Business are at the core of our Group's business.

    Consolidated Net Sales (by Segment) Consolidated Net Sales (by Segment)
  • Overseas Sales Ratio
    Overseas Sales Ratio (non-consolidated)

    We are making efforts to expand our business globally.

    FY 2024 (fiscal year ended March 31, 2024) result
  • No. of Patents Owned
    No. of Patents Owned (non-consolidated)

    We are working to optimize our global patent portfolio.

    (as of March 31, 2024)

Nippon Soda Employment Data

We at Nippon Soda promote health management so that both employees and
their families can maintain and improve their physical and mental health.

(non-consolidated, as of March 31, 2024)

  • Average Length of Service 20.0years
  • Paid Annual Leave Days Taken 16.6
  • Acquisition Rate of Employees Taking Childcare Leave
  • Turnover Rate 1.9%
  • Number of Employees 1,366
  • Retention Rate at
    3 Years after Hiring

Long-Term Vision and
Medium-Term Business Plan

An overview of the Nippon Soda Group’s aspirations as
outlined in “Brilliance through Chemistry 2030” and its progress.