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Providing products that aid in environmental protection,
afety and health.

Business Overview

Helping to Build a Safe Society with Disinfecting and Antifouling Products

Amidst rising social concern towards environmental protection and safety, Nippon Soda contributes to the comfort of people’s everyday lives by providing products that support a hygienic and secure social environment. In the field of water treatment, we hold a high market share in inorganic and organic chlorine used in the control of pool water and septic tank effluent.

Our Mitagen enzymatic and microbial solution is also widely used in the treatment of wastewater. In the field of consumer chemicals, we offer products like TAKE-ONE, a product for removing urolith adhesion from toilet pipes, and products for removing slime from kitchen drains. BISTRATOR, a photocatalytic coating agent, is a two-layer coating agent that maximizes the ability to prevent exterior wall stains.
Biocides are chemicals that prevent microbial contamination of industrial products and are used in a variety of fields as preservatives, fungicides, algae and insect repellents, other repellents, and wood fungicides.

TOPICSALM, an effective heavy metal fixative
for wastewater treatment

ALM is a chemical that immobilizes toxic heavy metals contained in industrial wastewater and process fluids from sources such as various types of plating, waste incinerators, and industrial waste disposal companies, and treats them below effluent standards. ALM also contributes to the reduction of sludge volume after treatment and does not generate toxic hydrogen sulfide gas, making it safe to use in a variety of work environments.

TOPICSOur heavy metal fixative effective in treatment of fly ash from waste incineration: HIDION

The law requires that heavy metals, mainly lead, contained in fly ash generated during incineration at garbage incinerators be insolubilized. HIDION reacts with the heavy metals in fly ash and is highly effective at immobilizing heavy metals with the chelating effect that is characteristic of the chemical.


Main Products

  • Inorganic chlorine tablet and granule


    HI-CHLON is a solid chlorine agent mainly composed of calcium hypochlorite. It can be used as a water hygienic management agent in various settings such as pools, bathhouses, and septic tanks. We also offer a wide range of related products and equipment for different uses and locations.

  • Toilet-use uroliths remover


    Uroliths, which cause unpleasant odors in urinals, are formed when urea in urine excreted from the body reacts with natural bacteria, resulting in the formation of calcium carbonate and other substances that change from slightly acidic to alkaline. TAKE-ONE prevents the formation of uroliths by keeping the trap portion of urinals in a slightly acidic state due to the effects of solid acid, which is the active ingredient of TAKE-ONE.

Product List

Water Treatment Chemicals

Products NISSO HI-CHLON (calcium hypochlorite, AC70%, 65% min) TAKE-ONE (uroliths remover) HIDION (the chelating agent for heavy metal) Treatment System by Dechlorination for PCBs BISTRATOR (Photo Catalyst) Bestcide (Bactericides) Biocut (Fungicides / Algaecides) Millcut (Fungicides for wood) Bestac (Insectcides) Nissocoat (termiticide)