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Providing products that aid in environmental protection, safety and health.

Helping to Build a Safe Society with Disinfecting and Antifouling Products

Amidst rising societal concern towards environmental protection and safety, Nippon Soda provides products that support a hygienic and secure social environment. In the field of water treatment, we hold a high market share in inorganic and organic chlorine used in the control of pool water and septic tank effluent.
And our Mitagen enzymatic and microbial solution helps to promote the treatment of wastewater. In the field of consumer chemicals, we offer products like TAKE-ONE, a product for removing uroliths from toilet pipes, and products for removing slime from kitchen drains. Nippon Soda makes daily life more comfortable through product offerings in various fields.


Our heavy metal fixative effective in treatment of fly ash from waste incineration: HIDION

In the field of waste disposal, Nippon Soda developed and provides HIDION, our heavy metal fixative highly effective in the treatment of fly ash from waste incineration. Approximately 37 million tons of waste is burned per year at waste incineration plants nationwide, and approximately 1.1 million tons of fly ash is released along with this burning. Insolubilization treatment is required by law for lead-based heavy metals contained in fly ash. HIDION demonstrates a superior heavy metal fixative ability in this insolubilization treatment. It is used at many waste incineration plants nationwide and is highly valued.

Main Products


    Inorganic chlorine tablet and granule

    Holds a high share as a pool and public bathhouse water treatment.


    Toilet-use uroliths remover

    Removes uroliths which cause pipe clogs and odors, keeping toilets clean.

Product List

Water Treatment Chemicals

NISSO HI-CHLON (calcium hypochlorite, AC70%, 65% min)
TAKE-ONE (uroliths remover)
HIDION (the chelating agent for heavy metal)
Treatment System by Dechlorination for PCBs