Message from the President

Working from a foundation of compliance and sound, transparent management, Nippon Soda uses chemistry to provide outstanding products that contribute to the advancement of society. We do our best to live up to the expectations and trust of our shareholders, business partners, employees, and other stakeholders. And, with the pursuit of business activities that are environmentally friendly -- one of our key management principles -- we apply our own unique technologies in developing high-value-added products. We are a chemical company that stresses technology and a global perspective.

Heading into an era of mega-competition, business conditions for the chemical industry are becoming more and more difficult. For its part, Nippon Soda will focus on ensuring that its business structure and approaches are capable of delivering stable earnings even under such conditions. Toward that end, we will move forward with the development and commercialization of new chemical, agrochemical, and other products, work to make our existing businesses even more competitive by pursuing additional production efficiency improvements and thorough profit management, and strengthen our business base by pushing ahead with efforts to create a more streamlined, efficient organization and invigorate our human assets.

On a different front, we will deepen production, financial, and procurement ties among our Group companies to help maximize our management resource efficiency and earnings as a group.

To encourage even greater public trust, we will take steps to strengthen internal systems regarding environmental initiatives, management disclosures, legal and ethical matters, and other areas.

As we move forward with our ambitious plans, we will be grateful for the ongoing support of our shareholders and other stakeholders.

Akira Ishii President