Providing the world with basic chemicals
that broadly support industry.

Business Overview

Supporting Industry by Supplying Basic Chemicals

Chlor-Alkali is the source of Nippon Soda’s diverse chemicals. From the time of our founding in 1920, we have continued to provide a variety of basic chemicals centered on caustic soda and chlorine. We have expanded our product variations hand in hand with the development of industry in Japan, and we now provide an extremely wide range of products domestically and abroad. Our product line includes caustic soda, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sodium cyanide and phosphorous compounds.

We will continue to utilize our unique technologies cultivated over many years, focus on providing increasingly high quality, high value added and safe products, and respond to the expectations of the industrial society.

Main Products

  • Caustic soda

    Caustic soda is a strongly alkaline substance produced by the electrolysis of salt water.
    It is also a product that we have offered since the company was founded, and its applications as a basic chemical are extensive.
    From industrial applications such as petroleum refining, aluminum smelting, and wastewater treatment to the manufacturing of paper, textiles, and detergents, it is widely used for everyday items and is essential for industry.

  • Phosphorus oxychloride

    Phosphorus oxychloride is a phosphorous compound used in many industrial fields.
    It is used as a raw material for flame retardants that are added to plastics and chemical fibers to make them resistant to fire, plasticizers that give them flexibility, and also an ingredient in perfumes, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals.

Product List

Products Caustic Soda (liquid, solid, flake) Hydrochloric Acid Chlorine (liquid) Sodium Hypochlorite Sodium Metal Sodium Alcoholates (Sodium Methylate, Sodium Ethylate) Sodium Cyanide Potassium Cyanide Phosphorus Oxychloride, Phosphorus Trichloride