Specialty Chemicals

Utilizing our unique specialized technology,
we create high value added products.

Business Overview

Technology for Manufacturing Distinctive
High-Performance Products

In the Specialty Chemicals business, we have an array of distinctive products that few manufacturers are able to provide, including the incredibly versatile liquid polybutadiene NISSO-PB*, the special raw material for polyurethane TODI, the semiconductor photoresist material VP-POLYMER, as well as organic titanate and magnesium ethylate, which are used as catalysts for polyolefin synthesis. In the field of thermal paper products, we have also developed non-phenolic products that have been widely adopted.

Nippon Soda possesses an array of special technologies to manufacture such high-functionality products, and also performs contract manufacturing.

TOPICS1,2-SBS and NISSO PB polymeric materials
for electronic applications

1,2-SBS contains more 1,2-vinyl groups than ordinary SBS, which is advantageous in terms of crosslinking reactivity, low dielectric properties, resistance to heat, water, and oil, and other functions.
Its properties can also be further improved by co-crosslinking (a reaction that changes physical and chemical properties through chemical bonding) with NISSO PB (polybutadiene).
In addition to its use with electronic materials, it is highly evaluated in a wide range of applications such as synthetic rubber and adhesives.


Main Products

  • Liquid polybutadiene


    NISSO-PB is our proprietary liquid polybutadiene derived from butadiene using living anionic polymerization technology. It has excellent water resistance, chemical resistance, electrical properties, mechanical strength, and heat resistance, and can be used in a wide range of applications such as rubber modifiers, adhesives, and paints. In recent years, its use in copper-clad laminate (CCL) has been increasing due to its electrical insulation properties.

  • Styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer


    1,2-SBS is a styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer produced using living anionic polymerization of styrene with butadiene. The composition and structure of this polymer are controlled precisely, resulting in excellent material properties. The next generation of high-speed communication technology will require higher performance CCLs. 1,2-SBS is expected to be suitable for such CCLs in terms of the excellent electrical properties and heat resistance needed.

  • Specialized polyurethane raw materials


    TODI is a type of aromatic isocyanate used as a raw material for urethane. TODI can be used to create polyurethane with high heat resistance, hardness, strength, and elongation, as well as excellent gas barrier properties. It can also be processed using various molding methods such as injection molding and casting. Additionally, it is used in polyamide-imide resins, which are used as raw materials for electronic materials (insulating varnishes, FPCs, etc.) due to their excellent insulating and thermal properties.

  • Organometallic compounds

    Organic titanate

    Organic titanium compounds are a group of products containing titanium alkoxides and their derivatives, complex forms, and acylates.
    They have high hydrolysis resolution and are used as crosslinking agents for polymers in paints, adhesives, inks, and more. They are also used in a wide variety of fields, including catalysts for esterification and olefin polymerization, as well as improving the adhesion of metals and plastics and forming titanium oxide coatings.

Product List

Products Organic Titanate (TPT, TBT, TAA, etc.) Magnesium Ethylate NISSO-PB (liquid-1, 2-polybutadiene) TODI (o-tolidine diisocyanate) TITA BOND (adhesive agent for film lamination) VP-Polymer (photo resist base resin) D-8, D-90 (developer for thermal paper) NISSOCURE TIC-188 (Epoxy Catalyst) POLYSILANE (permethyl polysilane) Crown Ethers NKK-1304 (Developer for thermal paper (non phenol) )