We develop, produce and sell distinctive agrochemicals supported by the global market.

Long-Time Supplier of Highly Effective Agrochemicals

Since expanding operations into the agrochemical field in the 1950s, Nippon Soda has provided a variety of agrochemical products that strive for effectiveness and safety. Released in 1981, our farm treatment herbicide NABU (sethoxydium) is registered in many countries worldwide.
Furthermore, our fungicide TOPSIN-M has remained a long selling product since its release in 1971 and is widely used in the fields of fruits and vegetables. In the fields of insecticides and acaricides we aimed mainly at expansion in acaricides, and in 1995 we began sales of MOSPILAN, an insecticide which is highly effective against various pests and difficult to control pests and which is widely supported domestically and abroad. Novel fungicides, PYTHILOCK, NAEFINE and QUINTECT developed by Nippon Soda have been launched in 2017 and it is expected that these products control effectively plant diseases on vegetable, rice and turf.
We aim to continue to focus on the development of products that combine effectiveness and safety, and to enlarge our distribution base network to expand sales in the global market.


Our group network spreads to the world’s major markets

In order to provide our products more efficiently, we are aggressively promoting the establishment of overseas bases. Following North America (New York) and Europe (Dusseldorf), we opened overseas offices in 2001 in Brazil (San Paulo), in 2002 in China (Shanghai), in 2007 in Korea (Seoul), in 2012 in Bangkok (Thailand), and in 2017 in Gurgaon (India). These overseas offices strive to provide sales solutions with a detailed understanding of the regional market and customer trends. In particular, Brazil and China are huge agrochemical markets and operations are expected to continue to grow more and more.

Main Products

TOPSIN-M wettable powder Fungicide

TOPSIN-M wettable powder

As it combines quick-action and permeability, the effects are long lasting and powerful against a wide range of crop diseases.

MOSPILAN Insecticide


Due to its high activity it has high residual efficacy even in small doses and is also effective against pests that have become resistant to other drugs.

NABU emulsifiable concentrate Herbicide

NABU emulsifiable concentrate

An herbicide to treat gramineous plants only. Since it breaks down in a short period, it has no effect on subsequent crops.

PYTHILOCK flowable

PYTHILOCK flowable

It is oomycetes fungicide, novel mode of action (estimated) and effective against resistant strains of existing products.

Product List

Fungicides thiophanate-methyl
iminoctadine triacetate
iminoctadine tris (albesilate)
Picarbutrazox TG
Insecticides acetamiprid
Acaricides hexythiazox
Growth Regulator

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