Developing and supplying pharmaceutical ingredients that contribute to the health of the people.

Supplier of Critical Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Intermediates, and Additives

With an increasing global population and continued societal aging centered in developed countries, the need for pharmaceuticals is increasing day by day. Nippon Soda applies our advanced organic synthesis technologies cultivated over many years to provide the active pharmaceutical ingredients for antibiotics. Furthermore, we provide the pharmaceutical additive NISSO HPC. HPC (hydroxypropyl cellulose) is highly valued for its safety as well as its function as a binding agent in the preparation of pharmaceuticals and is widely used in pharmaceuticals domestically and abroad. We will continue to aggressively research and develop products that contribute to the health of the people.


NISSO HPC’s use expands to the food field

As NISSO HPC’s safety and superior functionality are also applicable in food processing, Nippon Soda provides the same product to the food market under the CELNY brand. CELNY brings out high performance in the preparation of difficult to process natural ingredients, notably in the field of supplements such as turmeric, glucosamine, and mulberry leaves. Additionally, it is effective in viscosity control, air bubble stabilization and improving texture, and has spread to new uses such as whip cream.

Main Products


    Pharmaceutical and food additives

    Apart from pharmaceutical formulation it is also used in the food processing field.

Product List

DAMN (diaminomaleonitrile)
5-MPC (5-methyl pyrazine-2-canboxylic acid)
Imidazoles, Pyrazines
NISSO-HPC, CELNY (hydroxypropyl cellulose)