Here you will find questions that our customers frequently ask and the answers to them.

Accounting & Finances

Q1. When is your fiscal year-end?

Our fiscal year-end is March 31st.

Q2. Which accounting standards do you comply with?

We use JGAAP.

Q3. How can I obtain a copy of your business report?

IR materials, including annual reports (business reports), can be found in the “Stockholder & Investor Information” section of this website’s IR Library.


Q1. Which stock exchange is Nippon Soda listed on?

We are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.

Q2. What is the unit for stock transactions?

Transactions are carried out in units of 100 shares.

Q3. Do you offer any special benefits for shareholders?

No, we do not.

Q4. Who should I contact to find out about procedures related to shares?

Please contact Mizuho Trust and Banking, Stock Transfer Agency Department.
TEL: 0120-288-324 (toll-free)

Q5. What is your securities code?

Our securities code is 4041.

Q6. Who is your shareholder registry administrator?

Our shareholder registry administrator is Mizuho Trust & Banking.

Investor Relations

Q1. How can I obtain information on recent financial results?

Please see our “IR Library”.

Q2. When will you release your financial results?

Please see our “IR Calendar”.

Q3. Where can I learn about your business strategy?

Please see our Long-Term Vision & Medium-Term Business Plan.

Q4. Where can I learn about your performance in recent years?

Please see our “Performance & Financial Data”.