Healthy lives to all people

In advanced economies, health consciousness and awareness of preventive medicine are increasing due to social security cost issues and concerns about the sustainability of healthcare systems. The demand for pharmaceuticals is also increasing in emerging economies as well in tandem with improvement in living standards. NISSO HPC (hydroxypropyl cellulose), the pharmaceutical additive supplied by the Nippon Soda Group, is widely used domestically and abroad as a binder for pharmaceutical tablets that makes medicines easier to take, and it is also being developed for use in food processing for supplements and other food products. In the future, we will continue to develop support services for high-performance products and formulation technology and actively research and develop products that contribute to improving people’s health and life.




Contributing to providing health to all people through pharmaceuticals

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    Support services for high-performance products and formulation technologies


① Contributions

At present, NISSO HPC is exported to more than 60 countries.

② Hosting of seminars

Results in FY 2023

  1. 1.Seminars and experimental sessions at the Cellulose Technical Application Center (CTAC):7 (32 participants)
    (2 in FY 2022 [10 participants])
  2. 2.Online in-house seminars and face-to-face customer interviews: 83 (267 participants)
    (73 online seminars in FY 2022 [353 participants])
  3. 3.Webinars: 4 (112 participants)
    (commenced this fiscal year)