Social Activities

We carry out "social activities" to maintain harmonious relationships with stakeholders in order to contribute to creating a sustainable society.

Together with Our Customers (Consumer Issues)[PDF:221KB]

  • Basic Policy
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Communication with Customers
  • Development of Products Useful to Society

Together with Our Employees (Human Rights and Labor Practices)[PDF:141KB]

  • Basic Policy
  • Promotion of Diversity
  • Nippon Soda Group's Human Resources Development
  • Rewarding Workplaces that Employees can be Proud of

Together with Our Business Partners (Fair Operating Practices)[PDF:112KB]

  • Basic Policy
  • Efforts in Procurement
  • Dialogue with Business Partners

Together with Our Shareholders[PDF:84KB]

  • Basic Policy
  • Communication
  • Basic Policy on Shareholder Returns

Together with Our Local Communities (Community Involvement and Social Dialogue)[PDF:169KB]

  • Basic Policy
  • Harmonious Relationship with Local Communities
  • Dialogue with Local Communities
  • Major Social Activities of Nippon Soda
  • Stakeholder Engagement