CSR Management

Nippon Soda is focused on further developing its CSR management to create new value through the power of chemistry and contribute to society through products as a chemical group.

The Nippon Soda Group’s CSR

Top Commitment[PDF:194KB]

Concept of CSR[PDF:132KB]

  • Founding spirit
  • Basic principles of management
  • Basic concept of CSR

Business and CSR of the Nippon Soda Group[PDF:737KB]

Value Creation of the Nippon Soda Group[PDF:480KB]

  • Value creation of the Nippon Soda Group
  • Business and SDGs of the Nippon Soda Group
  • The Nippon Soda Group’s CSR and materiality

CSR Management[PDF:261KB]

Promotion of CSR management[PDF:199KB]

  • Message from CSR officers
  • CSR activities
  • CSR promotion system
  • CSR management system

CSR activity policy, annual goals and evaluation results[PDF:94KB]

  • CSR activity policy goals for FY 2020
    (within the ISO 26000 Framework)
  • New medium-term CSR activity goals (FY 2017–2020)
  • Evaluation results for FY 2019 and CSR activity policies for FY 2020 (Activity policy within the ISO 26000 Framework)

Stakeholder dialogue