CSR Activities to Protect Corporate Value

We promote “CSR activities to protect corporate value,” which aim to minimize negative impacts on safety, the environment and quality caused in relation to our business activities dealing with different chemical substances.

Environmental Protection[PDF:188KB]

  • Basic Policy
  • Environmental Protection
    •    Responses to Climate Change Issues
    •    Effective Use of Resources and Reduction of Industrial Waste
    •    Atmosphere and Water Quality Protection
  • Preservation of Biodiversity
  • Environmental Protection Activities through the "NISSO Group Forest"
  • FY 2020 Goals and Achievement Levels (KPIs)

Process Safety and Disaster Prevention/BCP[PDF:379KB]

  • Basic Policy
  • Process Safety and Disaster Prevention
    •    Risk Management
    •    Safety Management
    •    Education and Drills for Disaster Prevention
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • FY 2020 Goals and Achievement Levels (KPIs)

Occupational Safety and Health[PDF:212KB]

  • Basic Policy
  • Occupational Safety and Health
    •    Risk Assessment
    •    Efforts to Prevent Occupational Accidents
  • Proactive Health Management for Workers
    •    Health and Productivity Management
    •    Health Management Promotion
    •    Mental Health Care
  • FY 2020 Goals and Achievement Levels (KPIs)

Logistics Safety and Quality Assurance[PDF:81KB]

  • Basic Policy
  • Logistics Safety
    •    Measure to ensure safe transportation of dangerous goods
    •    Logistics safety in value chains
  • Quality Assurance
    •    Efforts to ensure quality management
    •    Efforts to achieve zero product-related complaints
  • FY 2020 Goals and Achievement Levels (KPIs)

Chemicals and Product Safety[PDF:201KB]

  • Basic Policy
  • Safety of Chemicals
    •    Strengthening management of chemical substances using ExESS, a chemical substance control system
    •    Regular training programs on chemical substance control
  • Product Safety
    •    Actions to comply with laws and regulations
    •    Communication of safety information on chemicals
  • Consideration in Animal Experiments
  • FY 2020 Goals and Achievement Levels (KPIs)