Nippon Soda’s Production Capacity

Nippon Soda has created a highly efficient production system to realize stable product supply.

How do you expediently bring developed products to mass production and provide a stable supply to the market?
That is to say, in the age of mega-competition of chemical companies, production technology performance is a vitally important requirement.
At Nippon Soda, along with establishing production technology research centers at each plant that serve to structure and improve the production process, we are working on a formation to provide stable supplies of high quality products.

From realization of effective scale-up to new research feedback

Manufacturing technology research centers are established at each of Nippon Soda’s plants (Nihongi, Takaoka, Mizushima, and Chiba). In addition to production technology engineers, many synthesis chemists are assigned there. Beyond establishing mass production technologies for new products, they promote the improvement of existing production processes and the engineering and development of diverse technologies. Additionally, they also carry out unique research not limited to a specific mass production theme such as new synthetic reaction research aimed at establishing next generation production technologies. Furthermore, in 2010, in addition to the two lines of testing facilities already in place at the Takaoka plant, we constructed testing facilities compatible with special reactions such as fluorination, high pressure and extreme temperatures. Moreover, in 2019, we plan to build a new research building at the same Takaoka plant, and by integrating and aggregating the research facilities currently spread throughout the Takaoka plant in the area adjacent to the testing and analysis building, we will create an even more efficient research system.
By effectively utilizing these test production facilities, Nippon Soda has established a system capable of performing the mass production tests related to diverse chemical compounds, sending sample shipments of agricultural and pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemical products, and flexibly handling small lot contract production. Please continue to count on Nippon Soda’s “ability to make things.”

Recent Achievements

  • The launch of a novel fungicide Picarbutrazox (2017)
  • Increased production of the semiconductor photo resist material VP-POLYMER (2018)
  • Increased production of the pharmaceutical additive NISSO HPC (2021)