Business Outline
The Company’s unique organic synthetic technology precisely satisfies pharmaceutical industry demand with the development and marketing of essential bases, intermediates and additives. The Company was the first to establish mass production technology for AOSA (acetoxyazetidinone), an intermediate for penem and carbapenem antibiotics. We also originated joint development with Suntory Ltd. and Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of the world's first oral penem antibiotic, FAROPENEM-Sodium, and supplies the base for this biotic. The company also succeeded at mass production of piperazine amid and supplies that component of anti-HIV drugs to Merck Inc. of the U.S., and is Japan's only company to produce HPC (hydroxy propyl cellulose), an additive used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

Main Products
Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates
PDC(pyrazine-2, 3-dicarboxylic acid)
AOSA(a key intermediate for newer generation antibiotics)
NISSO-HPC(hydroxypropyl cellulose)