Responsible Care Activity Guidelines
Our basic management policy is that "Nippon Soda will contribute to the development of an affluent society through business operations that support environmental, working and product safety by utilizing technologies and knowledge we have fostered as a chemical products company." Under this basic policy, the Company has provided the "Nippon Soda Responsible Care Activity Guidelines" to promote responsibility in everyday business operations.

The guidelines
Environmental Protection
We will strive for waste reduction, recycling and emission curtailment through changes in raw materials, improvement of processes, and enhancement of energy-saving techniques, thereby minimizing the environmental effects of our business activities.

Process Safety and Working Safety
We will endeavor to prevent possible accidents and disasters through exhaustive study and improvement of the safety of production processes, design of facilities and operation methods, thereby supporting the welfare of employees and neighboring residents.

Product Safety
We will commit to the prevention of possible accidents and disasters during handling, distributing and disposing of our products by studying, collecting, and stocking information on the inherent hazards and how to avoid them and educating employees and others concerned to proper handling procedures.

Enhancement of Societal Trust
We will offer products meriting societal trust in terms of quality, cost, appointed delivery date and other relevant aspects. We will comply with domestic laws and regulations, international standards, and treaties and also respond sensitively to social requirements that are not included in the above. We will participate in activities related to environmental protection and safety to deepen interactive understanding between society and the Company.

As for environmental protection activities, in particular, the Company has obtained accreditation of international standards ISO14001 for all of our plants.