Basic Chemicals Division
In the industrial Chemicals category, sales of Caustic Soda and Sodium Alcoholate were up from the previous year, but sluggish sales of Potassium Carbonate and Phosphorus Oxychloride to IT-related industries were down from the preceding year.

In the environmental products category, sales of the water treatment agent HI-CHLON were steady at about the same level as the previous year.

As a result, net sales of Basic Chemicals Division stood at ¥24,137 million, down 2.2% from the preceding year.

Specialty & Performance Chemicals Division
Sales of methionine feed additives increased over the previous year, thanks to the weak yen as well as increased quantities sold, even though the overseas market was bearish.

In the Specialty Products category, sales of slim remover for home sanitary use, which were marketed full-scale in this fiscal year, were positive, but sales of VP-POLYMER a semiconductor photo-resist base resin , and ITO coated glass were lower than the previous year due to greatly reduced demand in the IT industry.

Sales of dye stuff Chemicals were down from the preceding year because of a stagnant market for Fluorescent Whitening Dyes, while sales of color developer for thermal paper continued to rise.

As a result, net sales of Specialty & Performance Chemicals Division fell 4.7% from the previous year to ¥44,453 million.

Agro Products Division
Domestic sales of agrochemicals increased over the previous year thanks to the launch of TITARON acaricide in this fiscal year. Exports also marked an increase because sales of fungicide TOPSIN-M, acaricide NISSORUN, herbicides NABU and HOENEST and insecticide MOSPILAN were positive.

As a result, net sales of the Agro Products Division reached ¥32,002 million, a 2.5% increase over the previous year.

Pharmaceuticals Division
Sales of the pharmaceutical additive HPC were the same as the preceding year, but those of FAROPENEM-Sodium, a base for penem antibiotics, declined. Sales in the pharmaceutical intermediates category declined, because sales of AOSA fell and sales of BBP were suspended due to production adjustment by customer. Sales of MAP, however, were up from the previous year.

As a result, net sales of the Pharmaceuticals Division stood at ¥6,250 million, a 26.8% decline from the previous year.

Other Business
Sales in the warehousing and transportation category were lower than the previous year because of freight flow slowdowns and transportation fee reduction, although the storage fees for dangerous items increased over the previous year.

Plant construction and civil engineering of the construction category languished, as in the previous year. Nisso Engineering Co., Ltd. accordingly invited voluntary employee resignations while increasing construction capitalization and reducing capital.

In the non-ferrous metals and others category, environmental development increased in freight collection volume, but sales of non-ferrous metals were lower than the previous year due to demand reduction and falling zinc prices.

As a result, net sales of the Other Business marked ¥40,478 million, a 1.8% decline from the previous year.

The above sales include the amount of intersegment dealings between Chemical and Other business segments (¥9,056 million for 2000 and ¥4,550 million for 2001).