Business Outline
In specialty chemicals, the Company has developed highly functional polymers used for industrial paints and glue and has exploited this technology to manufacture a semiconductor photo-resist material. In addition to marketing our heavy metal chelating agent designed for fly ash treatment at waste incineration plants and our urolith removers for toilets, the Company this year launched a new slime remover for drains in the bathroom. In dye stuff chemicals, we manufacture fluorescent whitening dyes for paper and cloth, and thermal-sensitive and pressure-sensitive chemicals and color formers, which are increasingly used for facsimile paper and bar code labels.
We also proactively develop the treatment system by dechlorination for PCBs.
The Company holds a significant position in the market for Methionine, an essential amino acid widely used as a feed additive for poultry and pig farming.

The Company´s unique organic synthetic technology precisely satisfies pharmaceutical industry demand with the development and marketing of essential bases, intermediates and additives. The Company was the first to establish mass production technology for AOSA (acetoxyazetidinone), an intermediate for penem and carbapenem antibiotics. We also originated joint development with Suntory Ltd. and Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for the world´s first oral penem antibiotic, FAROPENEM-Sodium, and supplies the base for this biotic. The Company is Japan´s only company to produce HPC (hydroxy propyl cellulose), an additive used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

Main Products

Specialty Products
TODI (o-tolidine diisocyanate)
PTSI (p-toluene sulfonyl isocyanate)
Organic Titanate (TPT, TBT, TST, etc.)
ITO Coated Glass
BISTRATOR (Photo Catalyst)
NISSO-PB (liquid-1, 2, polybutadiene)
TITA BOND (adhesive agent for film lamination)
VP-POLYMER (photo resist base resin)
TAKE-ONE (uroliths remover)
HIDION (the chelating agent for heavy metal)
Slime Remover
Dye Stuff Chemicals
Fluorescent Whitening Dyes
PSD (color former for carbonless and thermal paper)
D-8 (developer for thermal paper)
Treatment system by dechlorination for PCBs
Feed Additives
LACTET (Rumen Bypass Methionine)
Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates
DAMN (diaminomaleonitril)
PDC (pyrazine-2, 3-dicarboxylic acid)
AOSA (a key intermediate for newer generation antibiotics)
NISSO-HPC (hydroxypropyl cellulose)
Custom manufacturing Business
phosgen derivatives, sulfur-based compounds