Basic Chemicals Division

In the Industrial Chemicals category, the sales of caustic soda, hydrochloric acid and sodium metal primarily increased, while others including caustic potash and liquid chlorine decreased. As a result, sales decreased compared with the previous year.
As for the Eco-Business category, the exports of water treatment agents NISSO HI-CHLON decreased, as did the overall sales compared with the previous year.

Specialty & Performance Chemicals Division

As for the Specialty Chemicals Products category, sales for the semiconductor photo-resist material VP-POLYMER decreased, but increased for NISSO-PB, ITO coated glass and our slime remover. As a result, sales exceeded those of the previous year.
As for the Dye Stuff Chemicals category, sales decreased due to tough competition in the domestic market and dipped from the previous year.
As for the feed additive Methionine, sales prices declined due to the impact of avian flu and tough competition, so sales decreased from the previous year´s.
As for the Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Intermediates category, sales of pharmaceutical intermediates AOSA and pharmaceutical additive HPC increased, but base antibiotics FAROPENEM-Sodium, etc. decreased. As a result, sales declined from the previous year.
In the Custom Manufacturing Business category, although sales of the existing phosgene derivatives and sulfur compounds grew, sales of some of these products decreased due to customers´, inventory adjustments. As a result, sales were the same as the previous year.

Agro Products Division

Domestically, although sales of fungicides TOPSIN-M, TRIFMINE, etc. decreased, sales of insecticides MOSPILAN, KOTETSU, etc. grew. In addition, fungicides BEFRAN and BELLKUTE from business acquisitions and biocides contributed to sales for the term. As a result, sales exceeded the previous year´s.
Exports of both the insecticide MOSPILAN and the herbicide NABU grew and exceeded the previous year´s results.

Transportation, Warehousing, Construction, Non-Ferrous Metals and others

Sales for the Transportation and Warehousing category were about the same as the previous year. The Construction category grew from the previous year thanks to favorable trends in orders. Moreover, in the Non-ferrous Metals and Others category, although the collection of goods for environmental development decreased, sales exceeded the previous year´s due to the rise in sales of nonferrous metals, etc.