Promote effective new product development based on a comprehensive R&D system

Nippon Soda concentrates its R&D activities at two key sites: Odawara Research Center and R&D Laboratory for High-Performance Materials. These two research facilities along with the Technical Service Division which closely interacts with the individual production and marketing areas steer development projects in close collaboration. With this system the Company pursues the development of new products and technology catering to market needs.

Odawara Research Center
The Odawara Research Center with test centers in Haibara-cho (Shizuoka prefecture) and Bandai-cho (Fukushima prefecture), focuses its research on three core areas: agro synthesis, biological analysis, and safety. It is engaged in synthesizing new compounds primarily agrochemicals and enhancing the physiochemical action and safety of such synthetic products. Adoption of an original research system that supports the entire R&D cycle, i.e. from basic research to field research has led to enhanced efficiency in the development of agrochemicals and in reducing the R&D timecycle. The Center is also proactively expanding its research efforts in new areas such as bio-technology and the synthesizing of new pharmaceutical compounds.

R&D Laboratory for High-Performance Materials
The R&D Laboratory for High-Performance Materials has been involved in the development of functional chemicals with the use of its technology on organic synthesis, polymerization, formulation/evaluation and structural analysis. The laboratory’s research outcome can be found in a wide range of products including specialty polymers, functional pigments, amenity materials and controlled release agents. In collaboration with the marketing and technical service divisions, the Laboratory clearly identifies market needs and strives to promote practical use of high value-added products.

Florida Laboratory
In April 1999, we opened Florida Laboratory in the United States for the creation of new agrochemical compounds. As agrochemicals can have varying effects depending on the land and environment in which they are used, we have been proactively conducting tests in overseas locations. It was our first overseas laboratory established for the purpose of introducing foreign research principles and systems. The Laboratory also conducts joint research with the University of Florida.