A state of the art HPC collaborative research center

NISSO HPC (hydroxypropyl cellulose) creates new possibilities in the fields of pharmaceuticals, foods, and personal care.
Through technical collaborative research and joint projects at the newly opened Cellulose Technical Application Center (CTAC), Nisso hopes to brings additional values to our customers.
We are looking forward to our future collaborations.

CTAC Advantages

Advanced equipment
for seamless
execution of projects

Advanced equipment for analysis and lab scale production are available for a high standard of various technical evaluations.

A collaborative

We will strive to create a true collaborative space for not only short-term technical trainings but also longer stays for observation and evaluation of experiments.

An innovative

Experienced staff provide technical support in a confortable space.

Latest advanced equipment

Collaboration, proposals, idea creation

Experienced staff provide technical support

New innovation


CTAC(Cellulose Technical Application Center
Address 12-54 Goiminamikaigan, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 290-0045
Available equipment Granulators (High Share Granulation, Fluidized Bed Granulation, Roller Compaction, Twin-Screw Granulation), Hot Melt Extrusion, Spray Dryer, Coating Machine, Tableting Press, V-type mixer, Mill Scale: Up to 1 kg
Equipment for Evaluating Physical Properties of Powder
  • Powder Tester, Powder Rheometer, Particle Size Analyzer (Light Diffraction type, Image type, Sieve “low tap”), Moisture Analyzer, Equipment for Measuring Tablet Physical Characteristics
  • Hardness Tester, Friability Tester, Disintegration Time Tester, Dissolution test (for two liquids), Orally Disintegrating Tablet tester
  • Electron Microscope, Optical Microscope, Viscometer (B type, E type, Vibration type, Rheometer)
Material Analyzers※1
  • ICP-MS/OES, Powder X-ray Diffraction, Thin Film X-ray Diffraction, Solid/Liquid NMR, GC/MS, Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM and EDS), XPS, DTA, TGA, DSC (temperature modulation), XRD-DSC
  • *1 : Equipment owned by Chiba Plant of the Nisso Chemical Analysis Service Co., Ltd., an affiliate company


CTAC(Cellulose Technical Application Center)

12-54 Goiminamikaigan, Ichihara City,
Chiba Prefecture 290-0045
In the Chiba Research Center
[ TEL ] 0436-23-2103
[ FAX ] 0436-23-2144
※Opens on October 1, 2019

[ By bus ]
・ About 60 minutes from Narita Airport
・ About 45 minutes from Haneda Airport

[ By train ]
・ About 60 minutes from Tokyo Station
・ About 95 minutes from Narita Airport
・ About 105 minutes from Haneda Airport