Corporate Governance / Compliance / Risk Management

Nippon Soda places primary importance on sound and transparent business management in compliance with the law.

Corporate Governance[PDF:305KB]

  • Corporate Governance Highlights
  • Basic Concept
  • A History of Strengthening Governance
  • Corporate Governance System
  • Director Nomination Policy
  • Effectiveness Assessment of the Board of Directors
  • Outside Directors
  • Skills Matrix
  • Reasons for Appointment of Outside Directors
  • Executive Remuneration


  • Basic Policy
  • Compliance Promotion System
  • Compliance Promotion and Education

Risk Management[PDF:204KB]

  • Status of Establishment of Internal Audit System
  • Regulations on the Risk Management of Losses and Other System
  • Internal Control Audits
  • Status of Establishment of Risk Management System
  • Information Disclosure to Stakeholders
  • CSR Activities
  • Information Security Management
  • Proper Management of Personal Information
  • Business and Other Risks