CSR Activities to Improve Corporate Value

We are engaged in “CSR activities to improve corporate value,” which aim to contribute to society by providing products that maximize our positive impact as a chemical company.

Agriculture (The Power of Chemistry Efforts to achieve sustainable agriculture)[PDF:779KB]

Contribution to ensuring food safety and security and sustainable agriculture using agrochemicals

Health care (The Power of Chemistry A healthy life supported by medicines)[PDF:172KB]

Contribution to providing health to all people through pharmaceuticals

Environment (The Power of Chemistry Achieving environmentally sound recycling of resources)[PDF:664KB]

Contribution to ensuring the environmentally sound recycling of resources using chemistry (technical competence)

Contribution to sustainable plant protection

Information (The Power of Chemistry The potential of high-performance materials)[PDF:368KB]

Contribution to the development of information equipment friendly to the environment and people by supplying high-function materials

Initiatives for the next generation (Development of the next generation of human resources)[PDF:319KB]

Supply of low-carbon products to address climate change

Establishment of partnerships to achieve goals that cannot be achieved by the Nippon Soda Group alone