CSR & Responsible Care Activity Declaration

We, the Nippon Soda Group, declare that we will carry out corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in accordance with our basic policy of using technologies, expertise and human resources that we have developed since our founding to contribute to society through our business activities, and with the highest focus on continuing our business activities as we improve the general public’s confidence and trust in us.
In our CSR activities, we will address seven principles of social responsibility and seven core subjects:

Seven principles

  1. Accountability
  2. Transparency
  3. Ethical behavior
  4. Respect for stakeholder interests
  5. Respect for the rule of law
  6. Respect for international norms of behavior
  7. Respect for human rights

Seven core subjects

  1. Organizational governance
  2. Human rights
  3. Labor practices
  4. The environment
  5. Fair operating practices
  6. Consumer issues
  7. Community involvement and development

April 1, 2012
Yutaka Kinebuchi
Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.

We, Nippon Soda Co., Ltd., declare that we will carry out Responsible Care (RC) activities in our daily operations based on the Nippon Soda Responsible Care Activity Policies in line with our basic policy of using technologies and expertise we have developed as a chemical company to contribute to the development of an affluent society through our business activities in consideration of environmental, occupational and product safety.

Nippon Soda Responsible Care Activity Policies

1. Environmental protection
We will make efforts to reduce and recycle waste and reduce emissions by studying ways of improvement, such as changing raw materials, process improvement and energy savings, with the goal of minimizing the environmental impact of our business activities.
2. Process safety and occupational safety and health
We will make efforts to prevent accidents and disasters and secure the safety of workers and people in the community by designing production processes and facilities from a safety perspective and by comprehensively studying and improving operation methods.
3. Product safety
We will prevent accidents and disasters in the handling, distribution and disposal of our products by conducting research to collect and organize information on hazards, harmful effects and handling methods of our products, ensuring that our employees are fully aware of said information, while also providing it to related parties.
4. Improving the general public’s confidence and trust in us
We will provide products in which the general public will place its confidence and trust in every aspect, including quality, cost and delivery time.
We will comply with domestic laws and regulations, international standards, treaties and the like, as well as other regulations that are publicly demanded.
We will also participate in various activities for environmental protection and safety and communicate proactively with the general public.

*This declaration is intended that at the time of October 30, 1998.

October 30, 1998
Tamikata Tsukihashi
Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.

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