Nisso America Inc.
45 Broadway, Suite 2120, New York, N.Y. 10006, U.S.A.
Business lines: product importing and exporting, and collection of technical and market information
Phone: (212) 490-0350

Nisso Chemical Europe GmbH
Stein Str.27 40210
Düesseldorf, Germany
Business lines: importing and exporting, and technical and marketing information center for European and African countries.
Phone: (211) 323-0135

Nisso TM LLC
45 Broadway, Suite 2120, New York, N.Y. 10006, U.S.A.
Business lines: U.S. sales and distribution of Topsin-M

Nisso Brasileira Representacao Ltda.
Av. Paulista,
854-13° ander-cj-135 Bela Vista-Sao Paulo-SP Brazil
Phone: (11) 3145-1840
Business lines: Sales Promotion planning and management for insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and other agrochemicals

Ruijing Building 205 Maoming South Road Shanghai, China
Phone: 21-64731277
Business lines: Importing and exporting, business in China, and consulting

Novus International, Inc.
530 Maryville Centre Drive, St.Louis, Missouri 63141, U.S.A.
Business lines: manufacture and sales of feed additives
Phone: (314) 576-8406

Av. Liberdade, 1701-C.P. 303 18001-970-Sorocaba-SP, BRAZIL
Business lines: Import/Export and wholesale of agrochemicals; marketing of agrochemicals including own and third party products

Cerexagri-Nisso LLC
630 Freedom Business Center Suite 402 King of Prussia, PA 19406 U.S.A.
Business lines: Sales of agrochemicals for horticulture in U.S.A.

Certis Europe B.V.
Boulevard de la Woluwe 60, B-1200
Brussels Belgium

Japan Agro Service (JAS) S.A.
Boulevard de la Woluwe 60, B-1200 Brussels, Belgium
Business lines: survey and collection of information related
to agrochemicals in the EU, field trials, and product registration